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In 2013, one on eight adults in Tennessee had physician-diagnosed diabetes. Tennessee Department of Health


One 20-ounce bottle of soda contains the equivalent of 16 teaspoons of sugar. Coca-Cola lists on its nutrition facts panel for a 20-ounce bottle 240 calories and 65 gm of sugar. Assume 4 grams of sugar per teaspoon.


Drinking one or more 12-ounce sugary drinks per day increases your risk of becoming obese by 31%. Te Morenga L, Mallard S, Mann J. Dietary sugars and body weight: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials and cohort studies. British Medical Journal 2012;345:e7492.


Drinking just 1 or more sugary drinks per day increases you risk of developing diabetes by 26%. Malik VS, Popkin BM, Bray GA et al. Sugar-sweetened beverages and risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes: a meta-analysis. Diabetes Care 2010:33:2477-2483.


Each additional 12-ounce serving of sugary drinks per day increases your risk of heart disease by 17%. Xi B, Huang Y, Reilly KH et al. Sugar-sweetened beverage and risk of hypertension and CVD: a dose-response meta-analysis. British Journal of Nutrition 2015;113:709-717.


Sugary drinks cause cavities, which can make you lose your teeth. Moynihan P, Petersen PE. Diet, nutrition, and the prevention of dental diseases. Public Health Nutrition 2004;7 (1A):201-226. Chauncey HH, Glass RL, Alman JE. Dental caries: principal cause of tooth extraction in a sample of US male adults. Caries Res 1989;22:200-205.


Obesity increases your risk of many types of cancer. Bhaskaran K, Douglas I, Forbes H et al. Body-mass index and risk of 22 specific cancers: a population-based cohort study of 5.24 million UK adults. Lancet 2014;384:755-65.


The average young adult drinks 1 to 2 sugary drinks a day. Han E, Powell LM. Consumption patterns of sugar sweetened beverages in the United States. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2013;113:43-53. Consumption in 2007-8 for young adults = 338 calories per day (Table 3). 12 ounce drink = 150 calories and 20-ounce drink = 250 calories. That adds up to 68 pounds of sugar a year. Assuming one gram of sugar for 4 calories. One pound = 453.6 grams.


In the Tri-Cities area in 2015, adults age 18-45 drink an average of 1.7 sugary drinks per day. One in seven (14%) drinks four or more sugary drinks per day. Surveys of adults conducted by A Healthy America campaign, August 2015.


Young adults take in about 14% of their calories from added sugars. The single largest source of added sugars is sugary drinks. Ervin RB, Ogden CL. Consumption of added sugars among U.S. Adults, 2005-2010. NCHS Data Brief No. 122, May 2013.